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Border Collie Portrait- Drawing a Border Collie Portrait in Pastels

Border collies are beautiful, intelligent dogs, and a lovely subject for a pet portrait. Read more about my creation of a border collie portrait in pastels here.

Border Collie Portrait- About the Breed

First, a bit about the breed. Border collies were originally bred to herd sheep and still commonly do this job today. Why are they called Border Collies? Because they were initially bred on the border, between Scotland and England.

While people usually think of the border collie as being black and white, they do come in a wide variety of coat colours. With all colours, the traditional ‘classic’ markings are a white blaze up the face, white chest and forelegs, a white collar around the neck, white hind feet and a white tip to the tail, these markings are often referred to as 'Irish Spotting' although they can vary greatly.

Border collies do actually come in quite a number of different colours. Ranging from the more common black and white, to slate tricolour merle and lilac land white. They can also have a range of eye colours, as you will see in the border collie portrait I have done.

Heterochromia is the formal name for the eye condition which causes a lack of pigment in the eye. It does not affect dogs' eyesight. Border collies are one of the dog breeds in which heterochromia is most common. Other breeds that can have it are huskies, dalmatians and great danes.

To read what the Kennel Club has to say about the border collie breed, click here.

Border Collie Portrait- About the Artwork