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Pet Portraits from Photos UK- What photo is right for a pet portrait?

Pet portraits from photos are the main way of getting a pet portrait commissioned. If you are thinking of commissioning a portrait of your pet, the chances are your pet portrait artist will be working from photos taken by you. So, what makes a good photo?

I am a keen photographer and one of my favourite subjects is my dog Monty. So when it came to using photos of him to create my own schnauzer pet portrait of him, you would think I had plenty to choose from? Well, no not really. What makes a nice photo for your wall, may not be suitable for working from when creating a pet portrait. Every time I have done my own portrait of Monty I have taken photos specifically for me to work from.

What makes a good photo for a pet portrait from photos?

So lets start with the technicalities. The clearer the photograph, the more of the detail is visible. The more detail that can be seen in the photo, the more detail that can be put into the portrait.

So what would you deem a highly detailed photo? I would describe a highly detailed photo as one where the direction of the hairs can be seen in all the areas that are going to be drawn on the pet portrait. The direction of the hairs on a pet is important because hair direction makes up the shape of the head and body. If you look at your pet, whether you have a dog, cat or horse, hairs will change direction in all areas of the body, especially on the face, around the eyes.