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Border Collie Portrait - Work in progress

Border Collie Portraits

Believed to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds around these dogs that were originally bred for herding sheep have found their way into our hearts. Border collies are very people orientated and make wonderful family pets. If you are on my page looking to commission a portrait of your border collie, it's a fairly sure sign they have wormed their way into your affections.

With such a loveable characterful breed of dog, it is important to commission a border collie portrait that shows their true personality. 

So here are a few of my previous border collie portrait commissions and a few specific tips to help.

Border Collie Puppy Portrait 

This little lady is a puppy portrait commissioned as a housewarming gift my her owners' Grandparents.

She was 10x10 inches square and mounted to a size of 12x12 inches. 

Her owners chose a nice neutral grey background to go with their new house decor.

Border Collie Portrait in pastels
pastel border collie portrait

Wall Eyed Border Collie

A portrait is always going to be beautiful when you have as pretty a dog as this! Border collies are one of my favourite breed of dogs to draw. There is such variety in how they look. 

Border Collie Portraits- Getting the Perfect Photo

When capturing the photos for your border collie portrait, there are a few things to consider. ​

Firstly is you need to think about the qualities of your pet and the personality you want to show. Is your border collie a chilled out little guy? (Unlikely I know!) Maybe a photo of them in their favourite snoozing spot could be good! Do they love playing with their tennis ball, or swimming in the local lake? Once you've decided on this you need to get your photos! 

When taking photos for a pet portrait, there are some technical aspects we need to consider. Photos taken in natural daylight are much better, these will show a true representation of your pet. Lighting is hugely important in photography. You can have your dog in a lovely pose but if the photo is too dark, or the colours blown out by the camera flash, it is not great!

The pose you have your border collie in for your pet portrait photo is important, but some people may find it difficult. "my border collie never sits still" I hear you say! I have found that bribery usually works well. Get your border collie to sit and then hold the treat where you want them to look. A 3/4 pose often works nicely.

Getting down on their level is also hugely important. Photos nearly always look best when taken from the same height as their head.


It’s also worth thinking about whether you’d like to feature them fresh from the groomers and squeaky clean, or whether you love their scruffy look. I often get people wanting to wait till their dogs have been to the groomers, and that is absolutely fine. Get in touch to start the process and once they've had their day at the spa, we are good to go!

For more pet photography tips, including a step by step guide to taking a photo for a border collie portrait, click here.

Border Collie Portraits - The Background

As you can see in the example border collie portraits above, there are a range of options available. Border collies come in a range of colours, so the colour of your dog may have a bearing on what colour you wish to choose. I will of course help you with this decision! 

Testimonial |

Thank you Amy, My Husband loved the portrait of Guinness. Thank you again for all your hard work and talent. - Guinnes the Border Collies' owner

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