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Pastel Pet Portraits 

My pastel pet portraits are created using pastel sticks, pan pastels and pastel pencils. The vast majority of the detail comes to life using pastel pencils. I mostly use dark grey pastelmat paper when doing a pastel pet portrait, this can then be filled in to a colour of your choice. A pastel pet portrait is a great choice for any kind of pet, whether you want to commission a dog portrait, horse portrait or any other animal. I have even done a gerbil portrait! All pastel portraits come mounted and can be framed upon request.

You can read more about pastel pet portraits on my page Pastel Pet Portraits- A Guide

Testimonial |

"Thank you Amy, my husband loved the portrait of Guinness. Thank you again for all your hard work and talent." - Guinness the Border Collies' owner, pastel pet portrait commissioned as a surprise birthday gift.

Pastel Pet Portraits - Gallery

Italian Spinone Portrait.jpg

Some Pastel Pet Portraits I am Currently Working On

I am currently working on 2 italian spinone portraits. Here is a sneak peek of the first!

Like what you see and are thinking about commissioning your own pastel pet portrait? Why not head over to my step by step guide to commissioning a pet portrait page, so you can learn about the process of ordering your own pastel pet portrait.

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