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A pet portrait is a beautiful gift for the pet lover in your life, however it is not always possible to commission a portrait yourself as a gift. You may not have suitable photos, enough time or just aren't sure what the recipient would like. Buying a pet portrait gift voucher gives you the flexibility to either decide some aspect of the commission yourself, or leave it completely up to the recipient! You have all the gift giving ease of buying a voucher, whilst the gift is something more special and thoughtful than just money to spend.

I have a few different options in terms of what format you can receive your pet portrait gift voucher. I can provide an E-Voucher, a physical pet portrait gift voucher, or a voucher with a personalised card. I currently offer gift vouchers for booking portraits rather than a monetary value. This means your gift voucher protects you from any price rises I may have. If you want guidance on what portrait you should choose for your recipient I can help you make that decision. 

Personalised Card Gift Voucher

To order a pet portrait gift voucher card once you have filled in my order form, we can organise the details of what design you would like. If you do not have any images of the recipients pet I can use a piece of my artwork to decorate instead. You can choose to have to card send directly to your recipient or I can send it to you to give personally.  

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

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