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Human Portraits

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Human Portraits

Commission a Portrait of a Loved One in Oils.

I exclusively create "human portraits" in oils. I find with oil painted portraits you can create a lovely true likeness whilst retaining an element of "art". This allows me to create a piece of art you can treasure, either to remember a loved one how has passed, or to commemorate a special time in your lives. 

Commissioning a Human Portrait

The process is the same for commissioning a pet portrait. You just need to get in touch so we can discuss your requirements. I will need a high quality photograph of the subject to work from. 

It is hugely important to have a photograph which is clear and represents your subject. Getting a good likeness is the number one factor in a successful portrait, and a huge amount of this comes down to the photograph used. 

Please do get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and make an assessment of photos through email. 

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