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Commissioning a Pet Portrait as a Gift

Thinking of commissioning a pet portrait as a gift? Well, you're onto a good idea, because pet portraits make fantastic gifts. A lot of the commissions I do are for gifts for loved ones, who either have pets or have recently lost pets. I have even done one commission of 4 dogs, two current and two previous dogs. It was a portrait that linked all the dogs they had loved into one special portrait, which was a surprise Christmas gift for their owner. My portraits come mounted as standard, but I can also offer picture framing. This means all you will need is some wrapping paper and a nail to put it up on the wall. If you are interested in framing just mention it when you enquire about commissioning a portrait.

Pet portraits are incredibly meaningful gifts, which will be cherished for years to come. However, there are a few things you need to consider. In order for me to create a portrait, I need a high-resolution photograph of the pet, in a pose that is suitable for the portrait. If you are not already in possession of a photo, you need to sneakily get one!


If you live in the same household as the pet in question it may be a little easier, you can then just follow one of my photography guides and then we can get started on your portrait. If you don't live with the pet, you may have to enlist the help of another family member to assist with getting a photo, that, or have a sudden interest in taking their dog for a nice long walk on your own...

Remember, when wanting to commission a pet portrait as a gift, you need to leave plenty of time in order for the portrait to be created. A pet portrait is not a great last-minute gift idea. However, if you have left it to the last minute, I do offer pet portrait gift vouchers, which can be either posted or emailed to you or straight to the recipient.

Some people when commissioning a portrait as a gift want to be highly involved, whilst others prefer to be more hands off in the process. Once you have sent me the photos you have, I will come up with a proposed layout or two for you to choose from. It can be hard to get into the mind of your recipient to know what they will like best! However, I will be on hand to give you my professional advise and opinion. 


Once you have decided on what composition you would like for your portrait, I go ahead and start creating your special gift! If you want regular photo updates I can send you them or some people prefer for me to just send them a photo once their portrait is finished. 

What You Need to Commission a Pet Portrait as a Gift

The Process of Creating Your Pet Portrait Gift

Pet Portrait Gift Vouchers

Pet Portraits make the perfect gift for any adoring pet owner. But what if you don't have any photos of their pet? Or perhaps you're short on time and need to sort a present quickly. Or maybe you’d like your loved one to be involved in the process and to have a say in the creative choices of their portrait. Then a gift voucher might be exactly what you are looking for.

I have a page dedicated to pet portrait gift vouchers, which you can find here.

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