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Oil Painted Pet Portrait - Terrier

Oil Painted Pet Portraits

I am now offering commissions in oil paint. These portraits are a great way to get an artistic portrait of your pet created. These oil painted portraits have a really high end feel, with a truly timeless quality. They will last a lifetime and will be a lasting reminder of your beloved pet. The commissioning process is just the same as a pastel pet portrait, although oil painted portraits have a longer lead time due to the drying process. ​Please do get in touch if you are thinking of commissioning an oil painted pet portrait.

Prices are the same as my pastel portraits, if you are interested in commissioning one just send me an email!

I also offer human portraits! Please see a few examples below.

Oil painted pet portrait - whippet.JPG
oil painted pet portrait border collie.JPG
oil painted pet portrait miniature schnauzer.JPG
baby portrait in oils.JPG
baby portrait in oils 2.JPG
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