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Can You Help Me Take a Reference Photo For my Pet Portrait?

Monty Miniature Schnauzer Pet Portrait A
Pet portrait from photos
Puppy portrait in pastels photography

I would more than happy to help you in getting the perfect photo of your pet. I have a range of resources to help you in getting a great photo to be used as a reference for commissioning a pet portrait. As well as a passion for art, I have a great passion for photography, and I appreciate the opportunity to help people to improve their pet portrait photography, as it is a skill they can continue to use throughout their pets life, taking photos to remember them by.


It is so important for me to be working from a photo of your pet that you already love, so anything I can do to help you in getting the perfect photo is very helpful in terms of creating a pet portrait you love.

Firstly take a look at my Taking a Photo for a Pet Portrait page. Here is a step by step guide to taking a photograph. I walk through the process of getting a photograph. I show you how to get a good angle, your pet to look in the right direction and what lighting is best. 

If you are looking for even more tips on pet photography, head over to my blog, where I have a range of articles related to pet photography, including specific posts on puppy photography and how to take photos of your pet using your phone.

If you live close to me in Derbyshire, I may be able to travel to take photography of your pet. If you have any questions about this or any other questions regarding photography don't hesitate to contact me via your preferred method of communication.

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