• Amy Elizabeth Fine Art

Colourful Pet Portrait UK- A Sausage Dog Portrait with a Colourful Background

The creation of a colourful pet portrait, featuring a long-haired dachshund and a very colourful house.

A lot of my pet portraits come with a white or solid colour background. This is great and might be what you want. However, you may want something a little different. This portrait of a little long-haired dachshund was going to be going into a very colourful house, so it was decided to include the background in the portrait.

You generally need to have the background you want to be included in the reference photo you take of your pet, that way, the lighting of the background matches the lighting of the pet in your portrait. Whether you want just the background to be of a room in your house like this one, or you could even use a printed background, such as a colourful photography backdrop.

I really loved the colour of the wall and the nice green cheese plant. The whole portrait photo had a nice overall aesthetic, which would work well when made into a pastel pet portrait. Another thing I liked about this photo was the light reflecting off his coat, which added a lovely effect.

In this portrait, I drew out the dog first, but he was not fully complete when I then added in the background. The reason for this is you do not want a "halo" around your finished dog. The background and foreground of your portrait want to be seamless.