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Dog Portraits UK- Some of my most recent dog portraits

As a pet portrait artist, I am commissioned to create portraits of a wide variety of animals. However, dogs are by far and away my most common subject. So, I thought it was time to do a blog post which is a little round up of some of the dog portraits I have recently completed.

Dog Portraits on Velour Paper

dog portraits - miniature schnauzer on velour
Monty the dog portrait

I took the time to create a portrait of my own dog Monty. Creating portraits of Monty was how I got into being a pet portrait artist in the first place and this is my 3rd portrait I have completed of him.

I am a pastel pet portrait artist and up until this point I had been working entirely on pastel mat paper, which is kind of like sand paper.

I had been wanting to try out velour paper, which is textured like vel