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Horse Pastel Portraits UK-Drawing a Horse using Pastel Pencils.

Creating a horse pastel portraits using pastel pencils to create a realistic horse portrait.- By Amy Elizabeth Fine Art Pet Portrait Art | Derbyshire UK

Horses are beautiful creatures, with the most exquisite faces. They are such a wonderful subject for me to create a portrait of. Horses have been a classic subject of portrait artists through the ages, and create such a timeless piece of art for your home.

A horse portrait of a chestnut horse, along with material from Amy Elizabeth Fine Art
Horse Portrait in Pastels UK- A detailed pencil portrait of a horse, created from a photo

The first piece of equestrian artwork I created in pencils was a horse eye study for a secret postcard show in Cromford Derbyshire. I absolutely love how that horse portrait came out and was keen to create a horse head portrait in pastels to show off my skills.

In this piece I worked entirely using pastel pencils. These are ideal in creating both the fine texture of the horses hair and the smooth textures of the horse's rug. I loved the colour combination of the blue rug and the bright russet colour of the beautiful chestnut coat.