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Pet Portrait Gift Voucher- Why should I buy a pet portrait gift voucher as a present?

Pet portrait gift vouchers make the perfect present for the animal lover in your life, find out why and how to purchase one.

A pet portrait makes a lovely gift for any pet owner, whether they have a dog, cat, horse or gerbil. However, sometimes you may be better off ordering a pet portrait gif voucher.

When should I order a pet portrait gift voucher rather than a finished pet portrait?

There are a few situations when you are better off ordering a gift voucher. Have you left your present buying to the last minute? Pet portraits take time to create, you are not ordering a ready done piece that just needs to be packaged up and delivered. Additionally, most artists will have a waitlist for their pet portraits. Therefore if you have left it too late, a pet portrait gift voucher can be the ideal compromise, your recipient will still end up with a lovely gift and eventually a final portrait of their pet, but you can get the gift within the timescale you require.

Another situation where a pet portrait gift voucher may be ideal is, when you haven't got suitable reference photos of the pet you want drawing. A key part of the pet portrait commissioning process is taking photos, or already having suitable photos for your pet portrait artist to work from. The photos required for a pet portrait are quite specific. They need to be highly detailed and in the exact composition, you would like drawing. (Learn more about taking suitable photographs for a pet portrait here.) My general rule is, the better the reference photo, the better the final portrait. Instead of using substandard photos, you can instead purchase a gift voucher, and leave the photography to the recipient!

A pet portrait gift voucher- from Amy Elizabeth fine Art. Pet Portrait Artist
A pet portrait gift voucher

Pet Portrait Gift Vouchers for Memorial Pet Portraits

The loss of a pet is a very difficult period in anyone's life. Our pets become full members of the family and an important part of our lives. The love they give and the joy they bring is meant to outweigh the hurt we feel when they leave, but the loss of a pet needs to be grieved properly.

After the loss of a pet, someone may not immediately want a reminder of what they have lost, but as time passes and the grief is less raw they may want to explore commissioning a pet portrait. Using a gift certificate to give the gift of a portrait, whilst leaving the timing up to those who have suffered the loss, may be a sensitive way to honour their pet.

You can read more about commissioning a memorial pet portrait here.

To learn more about pet portrait gift vouchers click here. If you would like to order your own pet portrait gift voucher, please head over to my gift voucher order page, or get in touch to discuss your options.

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My name is Amy and I am a pastel pencil pet portrait artist based in Derbyshire in the UK, I work entirely from photos either taken by me or provided by my clients. Contact me for a no obligation chat on commissioning your own pet portrait.


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