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Pet Portrait Gift Voucher- Why should I buy a pet portrait gift voucher as a present?

Pet portrait gift vouchers make the perfect present for the animal lover in your life, find out why and how to purchase one.

A pet portrait makes a lovely gift for any pet owner, whether they have a dog, cat, horse or gerbil. However, sometimes you may be better off ordering a pet portrait gif voucher.

When should I order a pet portrait gift voucher rather than a finished pet portrait?

There are a few situations when you are better off ordering a gift voucher. Have you left your present buying to the last minute? Pet portraits take time to create, you are not ordering a ready done piece that just needs to be packaged up and delivered. Additionally, most artists will have a waitlist for their pet portraits. Therefore if you have left it too late, a pet portrait gift voucher can be the ideal compromise, your recipient will still end up with a lovely gift and eventually a final portrait of their pet, but you can get the gift within the timescale you require.

Another situation where a pet portrait gift voucher may be ideal is, when you haven't got suitable reference photos of the pet you want drawing. A key part of the pet portrait commissioning process is taking photos, or already having suitable photos for your pet portrait artist to work from. The photos required for a pet portrait are quite s