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Pet Portrait Gift Vouchers - A Story

Learn about ordering your own pet portrait gift vouchers and an example of a pet portrait gift voucher, transformed into the perfect portrait!

Pet portrait gift vouchers make fantastic presents. Your recipient gets a thoughtful gift, and has choice over the photos and kind of portrait they receive of their pet. All with minimal effort and stress on your part! What's not to love? Here is the process from start to finish, from ordering your pet portrait gift voucher, to the final portrait.

What Do You Need to Think About When Purchasing Pet Portrait Gift Vouchers?

Firstly, you need to think about your recipient and their pet/s. What size portrait would they like? What size portrait suits your budget? Do you think your recipient has a suitable photo for their portrait, or have you got one yourself you would like them to use? I have a range of guides on pet photography for both you and your recipient to look at. Here is a link

for you to take a look.

If they have more than one pet and would like for example a double portrait, do contact me for a custom quote as there are more things to consider regarding sizing for double or triple portraits. I can't fit two dogs on a mini portrait for example. Here is a link to my sizes which has a bit of info on what sizes are suitable for different needs.

What Format do Pet Portrait Gift Vouchers Come In?

I can provide your voucher in a range of different formats, either via email, a physical copy, or physical copy plus a personalised card sent to your recipient.

You just need to choose your format and whether your want to pay for the final portraits postage costs, ensuring your recipient doesnt have to pay anything at all to recieve their pet portrait.

How Much Do Pet Portrait Gift Vouchers Cost?

The cost of a gift voucher is the exact same price as a pet portrait. The only additional cost is if you wish to include a personalised card with your order.


How to Purchase Pet Portrait Gift Vouchers

So, how do you purchase a pet portrait gift voucher?

Step one is contact me! Whether you know exactly what size portrait you want a voucher for, or need help deciding, do get in touch. I can guide you towards what is best for you and your recipients needs.

Once we have decided on the right size pet portrait gift voucher for you, I send you an invoice for you to pay via bank transfer or cheque, or Paypal for international orders. Once paid I send out your pet portrait gift voucher via the method chosen, either email or post.

You can either choose to have the voucher sent to yourself, or straight to your recipient.

How Do I Redeem My Pet Portrait Gift Voucher?

When the big day has arrived, and your recipient has received their gift voucher, all they need to do to redeem is send me an email. Each voucher has a unique code which corresponds with one on my records of purchased gift vouchers. Then we can start the exciting process of deciding what they want from their portrait. What photo have they chosen to use? We work together to create a plan of action in order to create their portrait.

An Example of a Pet Portrait Gift Voucher Transforming into a Portrait!

I received a request for a pet portrait gift voucher via email. We discussed via phone what options were available and it was decided to go for a medium portrait in pastel. I sent off the physical gift voucher in plenty of time for the recipients birthday.

A month later the recipient contacted me with their thoughts and photographs and we decided on a square composition with blue background.

Here is the finished portrait! Doesn't she look sweet. All portraits include a picture mount, so all is needed is a frame.


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