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Schnauzer Portraits - Some of my portraits of Miniature Schnauzers.

As a schnauzer owner, I adore creating schnauzer portraits, here are a few of the ones I have created!

schnauzer portrait with pet portrait artist

First up, is my absolute favourite portrait of Monty. He is my test subject whenever I want to ry something new and the reason I started creating pet portraits in the first place! If you haven't read about Monty and I before, I got him when I was suffering from very poor health, he has become such a huge part of my life. I decided one day I would like a portrait of him, so thought I would try and do one myself. I bought a range of paper and high quality coloured pencils. His portrait turned out well and I haven't stopped since!

I now work mainly in pastels and this portrait of him was to test out a new kind of paper called velour.This kind of paper is very different to the other kind which I use called pastelmat. It has a furry texture that grips the pastels and creates a softer effect. This schnauzer portrait of Monty is absolutely enormous and I still haven't found anywhere to put it on the wal

Miniature schnauzer portraits in pastels on velour

As my test subject, I also wanted to try out creating a mini pet portrait. I offer pet portrait commissions in a range of sizes and my smallest size is 5x7 inches. I call these Mini pet portraits. I didn't have a huge rang of these to show people as examples, so decided to create a mini miniature schnauzer portrait to add to my portfolio. Of course, Monty was my subject.

mini miniature schnauzer portraits

I really like how this mini miniature schnauzer portrait turned out. It is different from the portraits I have done of him before, and with its smaller size I will definitely be able to find space for this one on the mantelpiece.

I am currently working on another schnauzer portrait, this time on velour but in a smaller size 10 by 10 inches square. This is another black and silver schnauzer, but not Monty this time! I shall add the photo of it to this blog post once I have got it finished.

Update - Another Miniature Schnauzer Portrait

Here is lovely Archie's portrait. In his portrait he is wearing a lovely characterful red leather collar. This Miniature schnauzer portrait was created on velour paper in pastels. This surface makes for a lovely portrait with this breed of dog. Its suits their flowing beards I think.

Hugo - Miniature Schnauzer portrait

Here is little Hugo. Doesn't he look lovely? This schnauzer portrait on velour really managed to capture his personality.

Do you have a miniature schnauzer? (if so, congratulations on choosing such a lovely dog breed!) I would love to create more portraits of these lovely dogs. They have such character.


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