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Horse Portraits 

Pastel Realistic Custom Chestnut Horse P

Horse Portraits in Pastel Or Coloured Pencil

My horse portraits from photos are available in a range of sizes, in both pastels and coloured pencil. Prices quoted on this website are for unframed portraits. I can recommend a range of frames and quote and supply your equine portrait framed if required. 

Custom Horse Portraits 

Horses are such beautiful, graceful looking animals. They have been a subject of portrait artists through the centuries, and could be said to be the original subject of the pet portrait!

Whilst you may not be wanting a portrait of your horse riding into battle, there are a variety of compositions that can be drawn. Whether you own a dressage horse, hunter, or just a happy hacker, a horse portrait in either pastels or coloured pencil is the perfect keepsake of your special equestrian friend.

I work from photos that you provide, you can find information on getting the perfect photo for me to work from here. You may also want to read a little about the process of commissioning a horse portrait. 

Horse Eye Equestrian Artwork in Pastel
Bay horse coloured pencil pet portrait d

Horse Portraits from Photos 

Head/neck paintings can be done in my two larger sizes. Horse portraits are not suited to very small portraits, due to the high amount of detail and shape that needs to be added to the face. If you would like a full body horse portrait then the largest size is recommended. 

It is recommended to remove head collars and bridles for your portrait photos if you do not want them in the portrait, however I can possibly remove them if needed.

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