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Christmas Pet Portraits - Pet Portraits in Pastels

Christmas pet portraits make the perfect Christmas gift! Here's more information about booking a pet portrait as a christmas gift.

christmas pet portraits - commissioning a pet portrait as a christmas gift

To get you in the Christmas spirit, here a photo of Monty from one of our annual Christmas card photos. Doesn't he look cute! He was not particularly impressed with my choice of jumper though..

Christmas Pet Portraits - Why Do Pet Portraits Make Great Gifts?

I have to say, the vast majority of pet portraits I do, whether it be Christmas pet portraits or other ones throughout the year, they are commissioned as gifts.

Why is it that they are mainly commissioned as gifts? Peoples pets are hugely important parts of their lives. My dog Monty is definitely as much of a member of the family as anyone else. Portraits of any subject, whether they are human or animal are very personal and special. They are timeless pieces of art, that will last a lifetime. Can you remember the majority of what you got given as Christmas Gifts last year? No, neither can I, however you would definitely remember the pet portrait, that you see every day as it is hanging proudly on the wall!

Christmas pet portraits come ready mounted in a high quality mount, so all you need to provide is a frame. If you are local I do provide framing on request, however framed pet portraits need to be collected, and please allow extra time for this, as it is also a busy time for the picture framers!

Christmas Pet Portraits - How Do I Book?

If you are thinking of commissioning a christmas pet portrait, the main thing you need to consider is your photos. The people this is most difficult for those who want a secret Christmas pet portrait for a friend or relative they do not live with, and therefore they have a rather difficult time getting photos! You may need to invite them plus their dog round for coffee in order to take some sneaky pics.

One thing you can do is if there is someone in the family who is also living with the pet, have them in on the secret, so they can take the photos for you. I have a range of guides on my website about taking photos for a pet portrait on my website to help you. My main step by step guide can be found Here.

Christmas Pet Portraits - I've Left it Too Late, What Do I Do?

Christmas is a hugely busy time for all pet portrait artists. If you have left it too late to commission your own Christmas pet portrait I do offer pet portrait gift vouchers. These allow your recipient to choose exactly what they want, they are able to take the photos in order to receive a lovely pet portrait, if a little later than planned. Pet portrait artists will often be a lot less busy come January, so they probably be able to create your Christmas pet portraits then, so you can use your gift voucher quickly!


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