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Gundog Portraits UK- Springer Spaniel Portrait

Creating a realistic springer spaniel portrait in coloured pencil, from photos. | Gundog POrtraits UK | Amy Elizabeth Fine Art | Pet Portraits

A Springer Spaniel Portrait in Coloured Pencil gundog portrait uk - By Amy Elizabeth Fine Art | Pet Portrait Artist Derbyshire
Gundog Portraits UK- Springer Spaniel Portrait

I love gundogs. As the owner of one absolutely wonderful Miniature Schnauzer, who I love to bits, but is- dare I say, slightly... Useless? I am in awe of the level of skill that highly trained gundogs hold. I remember visiting the Gundog Journal stand at Crufts 2020, and there was the most beautiful black lab lay on the ground. But she wasn't just lying about, not paying any attention to her owner. You could tell she was waiting every second for her next command, her eyes never left him.

Kennel Club records in 2019 showed the Labrador top in the gundog category with 35, 000 registrations. The cocker spaniel was next with 21,000 registrations, the springer spaniel had 8683 and the golden retriever 8422. Of all 88,829 gundog puppies registered to the Kennel Club in 2019, 8638 were English springer spaniels, making them the third most popular gundog breed in the UK last year, after the labrador and cocker spaniel.

Springer Spaniel Portrait- So why are springer spaniels so popular?

With the correct training methods and patience, they are very trainable. Not onl