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Itailian Spinone Portrait-Creating The Portraits of Two Spinone Italiano's

Yesterday, I went round to take photos for two pet portraits that have been commissioned. I lived close by so it was easy to take the photos myself! I am yet to start their portraits but thought it would be good to document the process. Check back to see their finished portraits!

Italian Spinone Portrait - About the breed

Here is what the Kennel Club have to say about the breed. "The Italian Spinone is hugely popular in his native country as an all-purpose gundog, his strong head with an almost human expression, his unique top-line and his thick skin and coarse coat making him instantly recognisable. It is thought that his ancestry contains Italian Hound with perhaps some coarse-haired Segugio blood and perhaps Setter or Mastiff input."

Italian Spinone Portrait - The importance of photos

I always bang on about the importance of having a great photo for your pet portrait commission and having a lovely photo for me to work from really does show in the final result. Not only does the pose matter, as that is the pose that your dog will be in, but also the level of detail that is visible in the photo is hugely important. I create detailed pet portraits, so therefore the photo needs to be detailed.