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Pet Portrait Artist Near Me- Why it might be a good idea to commission a local Pet Portrait Artist

When looking for a pet portrait artist to create a custom portrait of your pet, the choice of artists may be slightly overwhelming. With artists working from photos taken by their clients, theoretically a pet portrait can be created for anyone, anywhere in the world. However, in some cases you may want to find an artist a little closer to home.

Why is it a good idea to commission a local pet portrait artist?

1. The reference photos

The main caveat of choosing an artist that is not local to you is, that you are responsible for taking your own reference photos. This may no be a problem, if you are a keen photographer and love to take photos of your pets. However, if you think that this is going to be a major issue for you, choosing an artist that can travel to you to take photos would be a good idea. The reference photos you take are hugely important in making sure you end up with a fantastic finished portrait. I have a wealth of information on taking photos, and I really do try and help and guide people in getting that perfect photo. However, if you don't have the necessary skill, or tools (!), you may run into problems.

This is where a pet portrait artist located near to you will be incredibly useful, as most will be perfectly happy to take photos themselves, if you are located near to them.This means you do not have the stress of struggling to take photos, and you artist is sure to be happy with your reference photos, as they are the one that is taking them!

2. Picture Framing

If you are wanting your final portrait to come fully framed, so all is required is the nail to hang it on the wall, it may be better to choose a local artist. Most pet portrait artists will be happier to do this if you are collecting your portrait.

When an artist has spent a lot of time on your portrait, sending it through the postal system is always nerve wracking, as you can never completely eliminate the chance of something getting broken or going missing. Additionally, when a piece of artwork is framed, the weight of the parcel is increased, and there is additionally the issue of the glass potentially getting broken.

Full picture framing finishes off a portrait nicely. However, I personally always include a high quality picture mount with my pet portraits anyway. This means if you are not able to get a portrait fully framed, it is still relatively easy to get it sorted, as the mount is the most important aspect of framing and does require a bit of knowledge to be able to do yourself.

3. Trust

Commissioning a pet portrait, is not just like purchasing something ready made. You form a relationship with the artist creating your artwork. Some may find it easier to form a connection with an artist from the local area. It is also nice to support local businesses!

It is by no means essential to find a local artist for your pet portrait commission, however if any of the points I have raised are an issue with you, it may be best to find an artist near to you. Especially if you are wanting photos of your pet taking by your artist.

How I do I find a pet portrait artist near me?

So, how do you find an artist. Normally a good place to start is google. Simply searching "pet portrait artist near me" may yield some good results. For this kind of search, google business listings will be the place to look. These come up at the top of the page, surrounded by a box. Other search terms such as "local pet portrait artist" or using your location as a search term such as "Derbyshire Pet Portrait artist".

Looking in places that have physical advertising is also a good idea. Pet shops, post offices and village shops, often have notice boards for local business owners to advertise.

Local country shows and events such as craft fairs may also have local artists exhibiting.

I hope this post on why choosing a local pet portrait artist may be a good idea, and how to find a pet portrait near to you has been helpful.

Pet portraits make great gifts for the pet owner in your life. Whether they own a dog, cat, horse or gerbil. If you are thinking of commissioning a pet portrait, either for yourself, or a loved one, don't hesitate to contact me. All I require is a high quality image of your pet. (if you live near by, I can take pictures myself!) I live near to Matlock, on the edge of the Peak District National park, in Derbyshire.

Find out more about the commissioning process here.



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