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Pet Portraits from Photos UK- Creating a pet memorial portrait

For Christmas 2020 I was commissioned to create a portrait of 4 dogs, of two dogs that had passed away and two of the owners current dogs. This was to be a surprise gift, arranged by a number of members of the recipients family. I thought it would be a good opportunity to show you the process of creating a pet memorial portrait of a pet that has passed away. Especially as I did not have a huge amount of photos to work from.

I am always pleased when I receive a commission to create a pet memorial portrait, as I feel honoured to be part of the process of remembering a much loved pet. Pets are always a big part of any family and their loss leaves a large hole in our lives. To create a portrait of them, serves as a lovely reminder that can bring back many happy memories.

What photos did I have to create this pet memorial portrait?

I only had a very small selection of photos to work from, as you can see here. This process was made more difficult by the dog in question being a cross breed.