• Amy Elizabeth Fine Art

Memorial Dog Portrait- How to Commission a Memorial Portrait of Your Dog

How to arrange a custom memorial dog portrait to remember them by, after they have passed away.

It is difficult to explain the reasons why a pastel drawing should feel more significant than the photo it is based from. However, I do believe it is something to do with the love, care and time taken in the creation of it. Portraiture is an art form that has an enduring quality, that these animals will be alive in their frames for generations to come. This means that the joy that these animals brought to our lives, lives on, throughout both our lives and those of the generations yet to come.

The time we spend with our pets is just a brief for us, but to them we are their whole lives. The love that we give to them and they give to us in return, is profound. No matter how long they spend here on this earth, it is never enough.

A portrait of your dog as a memorial piece is a way for your pet to live on, as good portrait will show something of their character and personality. It is a special reminder, to keep their memory living on in your heart. A piece of artwork on the wall of your home, serves as an occasion to talk about them more and a chance to regale stories of happy times spent together.