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Pastel and Coloured Pencil Pet Portraits, created from Photographs by Amy Elizabeth Fine Art, Pet Portrait Artist | Derbyshire UK

Welcome to my pet portraits website, my name is Amy and I am a UK based pet portrait artist. I create fine art pet portraits of a range of animals, all drawn from photos provided by my clients, or taken by me by arrangement. Whilst I am based in Derbyshire in the UK, I post internationally so can create a pet portrait for you, wherever you are in the world.

My dog is the absolute love of my life, so I know what a huge impact our pets can have on our lives. A pet portrait is a perfect way to honour them.


I love to work with every client, providing a great amount of help with taking and choosing the perfect reference photo. I want to give you the tools to not only take the perfect photo for your pet's portrait but so you can use the skills learnt to record the rest of their lives too. I truly want the whole process to be an experience, rather than just a purchase, so you end up with a portrait of your pet that you will treasure forever.

Pastel Pet portraits - Amy Elizabeth Fine Art
Amy Elizabeth Fine Art Pet Portraits | Pet Portrait Artist

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My name is Amy and I am a pet portrait artist based in Derbyshire in the UK, and owner of a wonderful Miniature Schnauzer called Monty. I specialise in pet portraits; drawing dogs, cats and horses by commission in pastel pencil and coloured pencil. I love my job as a pet portrait artist, to be working with like-minded owners who love their pets just as much as I love mine...


Amy Cole

Pet Portrait Artist- Amy Elizabeth Fine Art


Monty Cole

Pet Portrait Artist Assistant- Amy Elizabeth Fine Art

Pastel Pencil and Coloured Pencil Pet Portraits 

Created using only the highest quality materials, tailored to your exact requirements

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"Many thanks again for the stunning picture of my boys. We are over the moon"- Helen, Chester and Dukes' owner.

Horse Portraits 

Pastel Realistic Custom Chestnut Horse

Pet portraits of horses from a photo. My horse portraits are available in pastel or coloured pencils, supplied framed or unframed.

Dog Portraits 

Springer Spaniel Gundog Pet Portrait Pencil

Beautiful & lifelike dog portraits from photos in either pastels or coloured pencils. Dog portraits make the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life.

Cat Portraits 

Tabby Cat Pet portrait in Coloured Penci

Let me capture your cat's personality forever with one of our custom cat portraits. Pet portraits make the ideal keepsake of your cat.

Interested in commissioning either a pastel pet portrait or a coloured pencil pet portrait? Have a chat with me...
Together, we can create a piece of fine art you shall treasure for a lifetime.
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