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Pet Portraits from Photos-What Makes a Great Photo Reference for a Pet Portrait Commission?

What makes a great photo for commissioning a pet portrait by Amy Elizabeth Fine Art, pet portrait artist based in Derbyshire

So you're thinking of commissioning a portrait of your pet? Whether you have a horse, dog, cat or other animal, there is one thing they have in common- To get a great portrait of them , you need to start with a great photograph the artist can work from. No longer is it the case that your dog has to sit for a portrait like they would have done, in times gone by, artists now work from photographs to create a realistic artistic interpretation of your pet. Whether you are commission a portrait of your pet from me, or another pet portrait artist, you will need a high quality, clear photograph of your pet. As I work in a realistic style, it is super important that the detail is visible in the photographs.

So What are the Aspects That Make a Photograph Appropriate for a Pet Portrait?